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Take You Everywhere

Title: Take You Everywhere
Artist: imera
Author: apckrfan
Fandom: The Breakfast Club
Characters/Pairings: Clair Standish/John Bender
Rating/Category: G
Warnings none for the art
Summary:Clair works as a vet and stumbles into a situation where her services are needed, running into John for the first time in years.

It was a lot of fun doing embroidery for a fest for the first time, and I'm pleased about the result.

Link to fic master post: LINK COMING SOON

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Femdom Owned

Dragon's Choice

Title: Dragon's Choice
Artist: imera
Author: vix_spes
Fandom: Persuasion/Temeraire
Characters/Pairings: Anne Elliot/Frederick Wentworth
Rating/Category: G
Warnings none
Summary:Finally, everything was going right for Frederick Wentworth. He had been made Captain, had significant prize money in the funds and Miss Anne Elliot had accepted his (second) proposal of marriage. The last thing he needed was a dragon to ruin it all.


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Art: Into the Galaxy [Arthur]

Title: Into the Galaxy
Pairing: none
Medium: Pencil, and a little dash of coloured pencils
Rating: G
Warnings: None
Notes: Wanted to make a cyborg, didn't work out completely, but I'm still pleased with the outcome. I also love the idea, so I might use something similar later when I want to explore the sci-fi AU trope :D
I needed to get some time off from writing, so I drew this for the Hackers, Robots, AI theme at tavern_tales.

Summary: Arthur was the "prince" of the galaxy, and with his knights they protected the people under his rule.

Arthur cyborg

And because one art wasn't enough, I'm going to sign up for the lims_tvandfilm sixth round, which will focus on the fandom Arrow, which is a new interest of mine XD


June update

May was a fun month, and a challenging month.

I participated in hp_may_madness, and wrote 29 dailies during May, would have finished them all if:::
- I didn't have to work overtime several days
- I didn't have the birthday party to attend, which we spent our whole day at
- I didn't have guests staying with us for 5 days
- I didn't have to attend my sister's wedding, which they planned in just one month, and ended up remembering things they hadn't done just 30 minutes before the party began. Seriously, my family are like super late with most things.

Oh well, I didn't finish all the dailies during may, but I did write 39k. I will also complete the two remaining dailies, even if they are late.

As soon as I've completed the challenge (more or less), I'll have time to do other things, my big bang for instant, and maybe write things for other, smaller, challenges, and maybe in different fandoms :D

As usual, I'm posting everything to my Ao3.

And also, I'll be hosting two fests this year, intoxication and incest, which I'm sure will be lots of fun.

art: Charlie - Dragon Lord

Because it's Charlie's birthday, and because I was tired of writing (please let it be a two day bug only, I need to finish stuff) I wanted to do a quick manipulation of our dragon handler.

I imagine Charlie as a fiery character, and I decided that he needed a lot of fire, which makes me wonder if I could simply draw fire instead... or maybe not. There is no real story behind this manipulation, except for the 'Charlie is cursed and slowly turning into a dragon' plot, yeah, I like that plot.

Happy birthday Charlie <3

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Now I should get back to writing, can't believe how fast time has gone by.

Edit: forgot to add that the model is Harm Verwegen, amazing eyecandy ;)