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This is my list over things, and places, I go to find helpful things. The list is created mostly for my own sake, so I hope others will find it helpful.

html code placing tutorial - how to add those annoying codes without having to go through the whole story <3

HP canon spelling - really helpful, helps you with the right spelling of words, names and such

Random pairing generator - sometimes I just like updating that generator to see what fun pairings I get

Another random pairing generator - another small one I discovered

Fic Savers - the way I save my fics from sites like FF

Ratings - The best and easiest way of finding the right rating on my stories

Britpick #1 Britpick #2 Britpick #3- Got to study this so my beta has one less thing to think about. I do like the third link the most

More britpick - Insert text, and it tells you the mistakes (I hope it works 100%)

The Language of Love, Lust, Sex - Perfect!

12 ways to open a novel - interesting, love it because it has examples

Crating character flaws - Because reality is, not everyone loves the perfect Mary-Sue

Creating a character - Mostly for original characters

Creating a setting - I find this slightly intersting

Creating a plot - interesting

Creating a plot with 8 steps - Interesting for the beginning of a story
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