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12 stories - Prompt list - Multi pairing and fandom

What happens when I am bored, and have internet access? Well, I sign up for stuff (luckily it's without deadlines)

I came across this interesting community, then found links to like 100 other comunities similar to that. While I'm determined to sign up for more, later, I decided to sign up for the 12_storieschallenge right now. The combinations for the challenge is lovely, you can pick one pairing with twelve stories to twelve pairings with one story each, the combination can be different, just take a look at their information. I decided to take twelve pairings, all in different fandoms that I like (had more on my list, but I'm allowed only 12 so not all made the cut).

Here is my prompt table, and you can see the fandoms and pairings under it. Some of the fandoms are like microscopic small (especially amongs my friends), but I have a plot idea, and want to write it :D


Fandom --- Pairings
Caprica - Daniel/Joseph
Teen Wolf - Stiles/Danny
Sky High - Will/Warren
Everwood - Ephram/Bright - Hard to Breathe
Stardust - Captain Shakespeare/Humphrey
True Blood - Bill/Eric
Eragon - Eragon/Murtagh
Karate Kid - Daniel/Johnny
Tron - Kevin Flynn/Clu
Labyrinth - Jareth/Sarah
Just one of the Girls - Chris/Kurt
Boy Meets World - Eric/Jack

Tags: challenge: prompt list, list

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