imera (imera) wrote,

art: Charlie - Dragon Lord

Because it's Charlie's birthday, and because I was tired of writing (please let it be a two day bug only, I need to finish stuff) I wanted to do a quick manipulation of our dragon handler.

I imagine Charlie as a fiery character, and I decided that he needed a lot of fire, which makes me wonder if I could simply draw fire instead... or maybe not. There is no real story behind this manipulation, except for the 'Charlie is cursed and slowly turning into a dragon' plot, yeah, I like that plot.

Happy birthday Charlie <3

Charlie - Dragon Lord

Now I should get back to writing, can't believe how fast time has gone by.

Edit: forgot to add that the model is Harm Verwegen, amazing eyecandy ;)
Tags: c: charlie weasley, fan: art, rating:g

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