imera (imera) wrote,

2014 WIP-to-do list

My 2014 WIP-to-do list

WIPS that I haven't finished
The Snowy RomanceHugo/Scorpius1/?
Secrets in the ClassroomHermione/Severus1/?
Sweet TreasonRon/Blaise1/?
Our SecretDraco/James P.1/?
The unfortunate betMarcus/Harry1/?
Apple bobbing is not an innocent gameRon/Harry1/?
The knight and his maidenNeville/Draco1/?
The wrong RonHarry/Ron - Harry/Blaise1/?
The foolish mistakeHermione/Pansy1/?
Lace seductionDraco/Albus S.1/?
Huddle for WarmthAlbus S./James P.1/?
Herbology HallucinationDraco/Neville1/?
Naughty gamesHarry/Severus1/?
Caught After CurfewScorpius/James S.1/?
Drunken DreamsDraco/Lucius1/?
Capture the MomentColin/Cormac1/?
When The Music StopsTeddy/Scorpius1/?
Hard to BreatheBright Abbott/Ephram Brown (Everwood)1/?
All it takesKirk/Spock1/?
It Started With a QuarrelKirk/McCoy1/?
RoleplayJD/Cox (Scrubs)1/?
Late At NightHarry/Ron1/?
Strawberry kissesPansy/Ginny1/?
The Night OutDudley/Piers1/?
A Game Called RevengeMorgana/Dracula (Crossover)1/?
Whispering TimeKirk/Spock2/?
Say My NameKirk/Khan1/?
Cold CoffeeKurt/Dave (Glee)1/?
Sweet SecretsMerlin/Arthur1/?
Summer CravingsFred II/James S.1/?
Winter PassionGwaine/Merlin1/?
Cold ShadowsPitch Black/Jack Frost (RotG)1/?
The CrownMerlin/Arthur1/?
Hot and ColdLydia/Peter1/?
Under the Influence of LoveGeorge/William (Murdoch Mysteries)1/?
Lost AuthorotyDraco/Albus1/?
Blush in the DarkThor/Loki1/?
Mocking SmileLuna/Draco1/?
The Hufflepuff who wouldn't leaveCedric/Draco1/?
Tags: to-do list

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