imera (imera) wrote,

June update

May was a fun month, and a challenging month.

I participated in hp_may_madness, and wrote 29 dailies during May, would have finished them all if:::
- I didn't have to work overtime several days
- I didn't have the birthday party to attend, which we spent our whole day at
- I didn't have guests staying with us for 5 days
- I didn't have to attend my sister's wedding, which they planned in just one month, and ended up remembering things they hadn't done just 30 minutes before the party began. Seriously, my family are like super late with most things.

Oh well, I didn't finish all the dailies during may, but I did write 39k. I will also complete the two remaining dailies, even if they are late.

As soon as I've completed the challenge (more or less), I'll have time to do other things, my big bang for instant, and maybe write things for other, smaller, challenges, and maybe in different fandoms :D

As usual, I'm posting everything to my Ao3.

And also, I'll be hosting two fests this year, intoxication and incest, which I'm sure will be lots of fun.
Tags: rant

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