imera (imera) wrote,

HP rare-pair shorts - prompt list - Hermione/Pansy

Anyone who knows me knows I have difficulties not signing up on everything, it's an illness, and nobody has discovered a cure for it yet. I might be lying, I do know of a cure, it's called 'no internet'. Luckily, this is a no-stress challenge, so I can write the shorts after all the big bangs are done

rarepair_shorts (HP Rare-Pair Challenge)

Author: imera

Pairing: Hermione/Pansy

Progress: 9/13


The drabble
1 After dark The foolish mistake
2 Raspberries -The backup date
3 Masquerade Bathroom confessions
4 First snow First snow
5 The lake at midnight Late night swimming
6 Clairvoyance Warning in a dream
7 Hollow Cloth
8 The witching hour The witching hour
9 I want a clearer picture Portrait
10 parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme Herbs and powders
11 Surprises Dance
Tags: challenge: prompt list, list, pimping

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